Riverside space and local communities

Selected theoretical aspects

  • Aleksander Wolski
  • Grzegorz Jankowski
Keywords: Riveside space, local community, riverside landscape, revitalization


The presented article is dedicated to the analysis of selected theoretical aspects regarding the riverside space. The very concept of space is presented interdisciplinary as the subject of research in numerous fields of science. Most attention was paid to analyses riverside space in the context of human-river relations, and the mainstream consideration is the social role of the phenomenon, its social perception, and the resulting actions. The concept of space is connected here with the concept of local community, which supplements the issue, and their interdependence mainly results from the attributes and the process of creating that community. So in the article, a lot of space is devoted to theoretical considerations of these interrelationships and dependencies. Selected contemporary examples of revitalization and re-use of the riverside space and the social impact of these processes in urban areas are also presented.


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Wolski, A., & Jankowski, G. (2019). Riverside space and local communities: Selected theoretical aspects. Ecocycles, 5(2), 33-38. https://doi.org/10.19040/ecocycles.v5i2.154