Aquaponics business in Europe: some legal obstacles and solutions

  • Agnes Joly
  • Ranka Junge
  • Tamas Bardocz
Keywords: Aquaponics, business, obstacles, solutions


Aquaponics is a rapidly emerging agricultural practice, which combines recirculating aquaculture systems (the RAS technology) with the soil-less (hydroponic) cultivation of vegetables. The advantages in terms of productivity and efficient use of resources are huge. Aquaponics contributes to the solutions of some of the crucial problems our planet is facing: availability and use of potable and irrigation water, pollution of surface waters through animal farming, and management of fertilizer resources. It has been described as one of the “Ten technologies which could change our lives”.


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Joly, A., Junge, R., & Bardocz, T. (2015). Aquaponics business in Europe: some legal obstacles and solutions. Ecocycles, 1(2), 3-5.